Services Available

Through experience and care, Morrison Massage Therapy delivers healing results.
Relax Your Mind and Body


Deep heat radiates into the client's body from both stones placed on chakra points & stones that are used for massaging. This is a winter-time favorite, creating deep relaxation with the added benefits of stress & pain reduction.
$100- 1 hour session. $120 - 1 ½ hours session.


Ear coning, also called ear candling, is a traditional folk medicine practice with many cultures claiming its origins. A relaxing, noninvasive technique, it can be helpful in treating postnasal drip, sinusitis & migraines. With regular use it helps promote healthy ears, sinuses, & throat conditions. Coning can be combined with different herbs to address different issues, including lavender for depression, or sage for aches & pains.


Relaxation massage reduces stress & muscle tension, using gentle strokes & kneading to relax the body, mind & soul. It also promotes healthy circulation of both blood & the lymphatic system, enhancing the client's overall sense of well-being.
$60 - ½ hour session. $90 - 1 hour session.
$110 - 1 ½ hours session.


Always working with your comfort level. deep tissue massage uses a variety of techniques to release specific areas of tension. Pressure is deeper, compared to a relaxation massage, and is beneficial for both chronic and acute injuries.
$60 ½ hour session. $90 - 1 hour session.
$110 - 1 ½ hours session.


Prenatal massage is a wonderfully relaxing and nurturing experience. It is geared towards the mother-to-be to help relieve stress on muscles and joints caused by the changes due to pregnancy, and helps to improve blood and lymph circulation. Overall, prenatal massage reduces tension and promotes a sense of wellbeing.
$60 - ½ hour session. $90 - 1 hour session.
$110 - 1 ½ hours session.
Clearance from your OB/Midwife needed.


Cupping massage incorporates a form of Chinese accupressure techniques using suction cups to release adhesions in the muscle fascia, as well as removing energy blocks. Cups may remain stationary on accupressure points or moved along the meridians. Clients may have bruising for a few days afterward.
$75 - ½ hour session. $105 – 1 hour session. $125 – 1 ½ hour session


An aromatherapy massage has an uplifting effect on the mind, body and spirit. Essential oils, either single or a blend, are added to the "carrier" oil. Aromatherapy oils are chosen based on your current needs, such as stress reduction, and you may also take your special blend for continued use at home. All essential oils are plant based and organic.
$65 - ½ hour session. $95 -1 hour session.
$115 - 1 ½ hours session.


Reiki is a form of healing where the practitioner channels universal life energy through his/her hands to the receiver's
body. This is practiced w hi le you are fully clothed and comfortable reclining on the massage table. The therapist
places her hands on your Chakras as well as other areas that need healing. Generally, a sensation of heat or tingling is felt,
as well as a deep state of relaxation.
$60 - ½ hour session. $90 - 1 hour session.


Reflexology is based on the ancient belief that pressure and massage on one's feet and hands can affect the organs and general anatomy of the body. It is a very relaxing form of body work with the intent of relieving congestion and imbalances in the corresponding regions while promoting healing at the same time.
$60 - ½ hour session. $90 - 1 hour session.


On site, chair massage is a great addition to events and parties as well as for employee appreciation on a regular basis. I will travel to your site, bringing all that's needed for a great chair massage experience. Sessions last 10-15 minutes and focus on neck, shoulders, back, and arms.
$100 - for first hour. $80 - for each subsequent hour.


Lymphatic massage is a very specific technique designed to stimulate lymph flow throughout the body. This is done by very light strokes as well as gentle pumping and compression at the lymph nodes. By stimulating the lymphatic system, toxins and blockages are removed. This, in turn, strengthens the immune system, and gives you more energy and vitality.
$90 - 1 hour session


Gua Sha tools are made of horn and are used by scraping along the skin to release adhesions in the muscle fascia and also to relieve tendonitis pain. This ancient Chinese therapy is incorporated into the massage session, and may cause bruising and discoloration for a few days after the session.
$75 - ½ hour session. $105 – 1 hour session. $125 – 1 ½ hour session